It's a thing of Beauty when Fred's on Duty.
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Honestly, Hermione wasn’t a huge fan of Pip. She was more of more of a cat person, you know?  When Fred brought the scraggly thing home from work one night, she was against it completely. Their apartment was small, Fred preferred the term ‘modest’. And with her books everywhere and his tests for new candies and tricks everywhere, it wasn’t really the safest place for a dog in the first place, but when the two of them looked at her with nearly-heartbroken eyes, she had to let the dog stay or Fred would have never forgiven her. The mutt grew on her eventually, always being up at dawn to sit by her as she drank her morning coffee and making a good reading buddy, cuddling up in her lap while Fred was at the shop in the afternoons.

She rolled her eyes at the mention of Pip being their child, something he had taken up recently. “For someone that doesn’t want to scar the kid, you’re moving your hands pretty quickly..” She said quietly as he pulled her in and grabbed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, tickling his chest with her fingertips on the way up.

She giggled as he pressed up against her. “Nope. We have all day. Just us.” She excitedly welcomed his kiss. It was a little harder than she expected but she kissed him back just as passionately, her fingers sliding up and getting tangled in his hair.

He stumbled backwards, without breaking the kiss as he licked over her teeth and rubbed his tongue against hers, and swung them around to go down on the bed. She landed first, but his weight never crushed her - he managed to catch himself on his good arm, his other wrapped tightly around her lithe waist. His hips ground down to pin hers, and he came up for air with an effort.

'All that time? All day? Do you know the things I could do to you with that time?’ His voice turned to a husky growl, and he grinned something devious. His hands moved to slide her shirt up, coming back down to skim chemical-roughened finger tips up her belly, feeling the twitch of muscle here and there reacting.

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‘Hello,’ he crooned as she began to change, and licked his lips. A new temptation had come into play, and he was more than willing to indulge in that in favor of a trip out Apparating. He glanced towards the bed and mulled it over. A romp, or a nice day out. Romp. Nice day out. Romp. Nice day out. He’d like a romp, most assuredly. She, probably, would prefer the day out. He let out a slow breath, bucked his brows up in self-control, and rolled his good shoulder forward.

‘I was thinking somewhere warm. Sunny, maybe. And where we’d be totally… alone.’ He drew the word out, grinning foxishly. ‘What say you?’

She nodded at the idea of walking down a beach with him, hand in hand. She also looked at that grin on his face and knew exactly what that meant. He didn’t want to apparate anywhere now. Admittedly, she didn’t want to right now either. She appreciated trying to calm himself down but it was the opposite of what she wanted. They can go on a day trip later.

She walked back up to him at the door. “Well, we’re alone right now.. Do you not have any plans for that?” That same devilish grin he had making it’s way across her lips.

'Well,' he said slowly, wrapping his arms around her and resting his large hands splayed on her back, 'we're not entirely alone. The dog’s watching us.’ He inclined his head with an amused smile towards the door where, indeed, the dog they’d taken in was spying on them. What had once been a mangy mutt that used to beg at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes in the morning for scraps was not quite a handsome bastard, but lord knew he was a pest when it came to “adult time”, as they so called it in front of him. The dog’s ears perked as the attention was on him.

'Wouldn't want to scar our kid now, would we?' He smirked, and looked at the dog again. Pip's eyes shifted between them. Fred wondered, yet again, if the dog was magical and not some ordinary dog. He cocked a slow brow, and his hands slid down over the rump of Hermione's arse to cup the round globes. Pip almost seemed to frown. Fred squeezed. Pip growled. Oh, come off it, he thought and with a big wide grin, looked back to Hermione.

'Ah, fuck him.' He lunged a leg out to kick the door closed, and he heard an indignant grunt of doggy dishevelment. With his hands placed as they were, he firmed his grip and pulled her taut against him, his groin pressed against her belly as she came off her feet. 'It's not like we're in a rush or anything.’

And with that, he kissed her deeply off the bat, smiling as he did so. It made for an amusing kiss.

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Hermione smiled into their kiss, their closeness. She never would have thought in a million years she’d be this happy with someone. She always thought to herself that she’d be stuck alone with some cats and far too many books. Harry and Ron would visit her but she’d be an really end up an old maid. Fred changed that for her. Fred changed a lot of things for her.

She really couldn’t take her eyes off him now, vaguely listening to him talking about getting a new spatula, how he wanted to be naked, something about society. She looked over the couch at him changing in their doorway and laughed a bit. “Nice bum.” She called, getting up to go to go into the kitchen to throw out their ruined meal. She threw it from the pan to the trash can.

As she listened to his offer to apparate away for a day. Her first thought was absolutely not.. Then she thought a bit longer. A little get-away would be nice.. And he sounded set on it. Like he had a plan.. Oh, no. Fred and his plans.. Some were pretty good. Like for her last birthday, he decided to throw a big surprise party, packed practically anyone that knew Hermione into the apartment and had a huge cake and everything. It was perfect. Some… Not so great. And usually ended with a fire..

After she was done cleaning and thinking, she walked into the bedroom, where Fred stood, now dressed, in the doorway, slight traces of that puppy dog look still on his face. She purposefully squeezed by him, letting her body press against his, even gave him a little wink. She went to their closet, looking for something to wear. “Well, it all depends what you have planned for me..” She decided on a simple, purple sundress. She pulled it out and set it on the bed. “I mean, I know you. And I know when you’re up to something and I get the feeling you are, mister.” She pulled his quidditch jersey over her head, revealing she had on only and no bra. She walked over to the dresser, maybe too slowly, to grab one. She put it on, maybe too slowly again, and put her dress on over everything. “Where did you have in mind?” She said with a little smile across her face.

'Hello,' he crooned as she began to change, and licked his lips. A new temptation had come into play, and he was more than willing to indulge in that in favor of a trip out Apparating. He glanced towards the bed and mulled it over. A romp, or a nice day out. Romp. Nice day out. Romp. Nice day out. He'd like a romp, most assuredly. She, probably, would prefer the day out. He let out a slow breath, bucked his brows up in self-control, and rolled his good shoulder forward.

'I was thinking somewhere warm. Sunny, maybe. And where we'd be totally… alone.’ He drew the word out, grinning foxishly. ‘What say you?’

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Anonymous asked: "How many girls have you slept with? And is Hermione jealous?"

It’s not important. No, Hermione is not jealous because I’ve been loyal to her for a very long time, and always will be loyal to her. Because I love her. And she deserves the best I can offer.

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Anonymous asked: "Who did you lose it to?"

Angelina Johnson, if you must know so bad. But this was years ago. I don’t even remember what virginity was like!

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Anonymous asked: "Did you lose your virginity to Hermione?"

Ah, that would be a no.

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Hermione tried her best not to look at Fred. She knew that it wasn’t his fault or anything.. Though he was probably the one that transfigured it, he wasn’t thinking about it or that it would ruin breakfast. She listened to him apologize, genuine hurt in his voice.

Again, when she felt his skin against hers, she felt tingly all over. A smile found it’s way across her lips when Fred’s head was on her lap. “You better make it up to me,” she said, uncrossing her arms to let her hand go into his hair, scratching it softly.  He leaned his head closer into her hand as he spoke like a puppy that finally got some attention and only wanted more.

She nodded at everything he suggested. It all sounded nice. There was a little diner right down the block that had pancakes that were to die for and the coffee was usually hot. Walking around the park and town with Fred sounded nice too, relaxing. And he was right, George never really minded watching the shop, so long as he was with Verity and it wasn’t a day that Hogwarts was visiting. She chuckled a bit and held him close to her after he kissed her. “I don’t care what we do today. You pick. I just want to spend the day with you..” She leaned her forehead against his. “I love you too, Freddie… You still owe me breakfast though, you’re not getting out of that.”

Fred chuckled into her mouth, sucking her lower lip gently before pulling away. 

'I would never try and get out of breakfast. And tell you what - I'll even buy a new spatula. Fancy that, hmm?' He bonked their noses together playfully, before tipping his up against Hermione's for a funny little rub. He waved his hips back and forth, bent over near her like that, before standing. He stretched, one arm up and the other down and let his jaw burst out a rather loud yawn.

'First things first; clothes. I'd be more than happy to go out naked,' he said as he turned on his heel to walk towards the bedroom, hooking his fingers in yesterday's boxers to start pushing them down his hips, 'but society says no to that. Society. Psh. Always knows how to ruin my fun. In fact - I think they limit us. They're trying to take away my pride! So what if I want to gallop around with my junk out? They should embrace that! NO! They should encourage it! Naked and proud!’

He wasn’t so much talking for himself as he was for Hermione. For that amused laugh she does. For that bright, wide smile she has. For the mirth in her eyes to come alive and dance again, momentarily stunted by the morning disaster. He pulled on a new pair of boxers, form fitting, and laid back on the bed to shimmy his muggle jeans up his legs, lifting his hips to get them fitted.

'I got an idea,' he announced, grabbing a simple fitted T as he moved toward the door-way again. 'Why don't we just go Apparating where-ever? Just pick a place and Apparate there for the day.'

It was a wry suggestion on his part. He had survived the war, barely by a thread, only because Percy had managed to get the rocks off him and some quick spell work to keep his heart beating and organs working, all protected by a seal of magic. It was complex and something Fred had never thought Percy would know. There was a lot more credit he had to give to his older brother.

His shoulder, because the wall had shattered due to magic, had suffered some sort of spell damage. It was the most direct spot that had taken the weight of the crumbling wall. His ribs had taken second most heat, and his hip the third. They had healed fine, but his shoulder was doomed to bother him for the rest of his breathing life. It had taken him years to switch to his other hand when doing wand work. But alas, Apparating and Floo-Powder made his arm burn with pain. 

But it was worth it for the places he had in mind for Hermione.

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Anonymous asked: "Are you going to marry hermione?"

That’s for me to know and you to find out~.

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Hermione was so used to that puppy-dog lip she turned back to cooking. “I suppose, I love you too.” She said, attempting to sound slightly bored. However, she couldn’t help but have just a hint of sincerity. She couldn’t help it. The Weasley had her hooked.

She wasn’t paying much attention to him cocking his head back and forth all too much. The bacon was done cooking, so she was putting the eggs on, while the potatoes were in the midst of frying up. She heard that chuckle though. She knew exactly what it meant too. After he finished telling her what the spatula really was, she slowly set it on counter. “Fred! Really? Are you kidding me?” By the way he shuffled off, most likely to avoid being smacked by her, he had to be serious. She sighed, cutting off the stove. “No, I do not work..” She slowly made her way to the living room.

Honestly, she felt a bit hurt. “And I made a big breakfast, especially for you.. Now it’s ruined,” she said quietly, crossing her arms over her chest as she plopped onto the couch. Normally, she’d be annoyed with him drinking out of the carton. She’d snap at him, tell him that he’s not the only person that would drink from that. She didn’t care about it now. She wanted to mope for a bit.

Fred felt a stab of guilt, now that he saw her face, and felt himself deflate a bit. In retrospect, he thought, he should’ve kept that information to himself. Then again, it’d be a little odd if he hadn’t eaten the food in front of her. He tracked her movement all the way to the couch, and after a moment of swelling in guilty silence on his part, slunk over. He leaned against the back of the couch, and hefted forward. The tilt made his arm protest, but he kept wiggling until his legs were hooked over the back of the couch, and he was weirdly curled on his back in her lap, blinking up at her.

'Can I make it up to you?' He reached up and brushed his thumb affectionately over her chin, before rolling himself entire off her lap and the couch. His body folded up into a proper seating position, legs cross and chin resting on her one knee. 'Please? I didn't know what it was until now.' The fingers of one hand cajoled up and down her calf, eyes conveying his apology. He didn't feel it was his fault, of course not, but anything to appease her and make her happy.

'We'll go out to brekkie. You don't work, and I'm sure George and Verity wouldn't mind tending the store together,' he gave a waggle of his brows to extend his point more broadly, 'and it'll be nice. And then we'll take a shower, and we'll go to the park, and then - I don't know what else then, I'm just kind of pulling it outta my ass, but -' he added brightly and wiggled like a puppy excited for a treat. 'I love you and that's all that matters.'

With that, he pushed up, hands braced lightly on her knees, and kissed her softly.

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Anonymous asked: "When did you lose your virginity?"

Aye carumba. That was a long time ago… hmmm… Sixth year, I think? So I was sixteen.

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